If your microservice design results in a very large API or multiple services accessing a single database, check out Kong Gateway

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There are events in our life that seem to be just routine, but then unexpectedly they have a profound impact on our journey. For me, one event was attending the 2008 Gartner conference in Orlando, Florida.

That event not only introduced me to the Salesforce ecosystem for the very first…

In a data-driven world, having data to make your decision provides a strong advantage… except when the data is bad

We live in a data-driven world.

In the last ten years, the term Big Data came to the forefront of technology — despite the fact that the term was popularized by John Mashey over twenty years ago. The Big Data quest has prompted corporations to employ teams that use mathematical…

Explore the scaling options available with Heroku

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Finding your niche in the technology landscape is exciting and fulfilling at the same time. When your application or service is made available to customers, you feel that same thrill of completing some level of education, winning a game, or producing some artistic gem for others to enjoy.

But what…

John Vester

Information Technology professional with 25+ years expertise in application architecture, design and development. Agile project and team management.

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