I started looking into Heroku as an option for creating personal applications in my free time. In fact, I converted an existing application from the AWS ecosystem to Heroku which was captured in a series on DZone.com:

Moving Away From AWS and Onto Heroku

Starting with a brand new idea with Heroku, I was able to quickly create a fitness-based SaaS solution as well, which was documented in another series on DZone.com:

Using Heroku to Quickly Build a Multi-Tenant SaaS Product

Well over a year into using Heroku for several of my applications, I thought I would take a step…

Over the course of my 30+ year career in Information Technology, I have encountered my fair share of proof-of-concept or prototype applications which have found their way into a productional state. This has always been a direct conflict with the original intent of the work that was created.

While this should be considered some form of a compliment for a job well-done, more often than not there are decisions made in those prototyping exercises which are not labeled as production-support friendly. …

For the last 10 years, I have been building RESTful services as the feature team member on projects assigned to me via consulting opportunities or as a full-time corporate employee. This represents one-third of my career and is what I have enjoyed the most.

However, in all of those years, when the system is part of an application modernization initiative, I feel like I’m learning the same lessons over and over:

  1. Don’t replace a monolith with another monolith disguised as a modernized service.
  2. Avoid accepting bad data models to be compliant with the modernized system.
  3. Never assume that existing…

In 2020 a large aspect of the landscape for modern application development changed. The result of an unexpected pandemic forced brick and mortar offices to close their doors and ask employees to perform their daily tasks remotely. This included teams of software engineers focused on creating, building, and enhancing the technology needs of their employer.

Asking team members to work remotely for a short period of time or even a portion of a week is one thing. Instantly pivoting and asking everyone to plan to work remotely indefinitely is another. …

Memes are one of my favorite things about the internet. They are a virtual postcard capturing moments of internet history … from a comical perspective.

For those who are not quite sure what a “meme” is, Ben Stegner uses the following definition:

A piece of media, often humorous, that spreads rapidly through the internet.

In fact, in this context, memes are actually Internet Memes as defined by Wikipedia:

A type of idea, behavior, or style (meme) that is spread via the internet, often through social media platforms and especially for humorous purposes.

The original meme design included some form of…

In the “Using Heroku to Quickly Build a Multi-Tenant SaaS Product” article, I documented the foundation for a new SaaS solution that I am building (initially for my sister-in-law) — utilizing the Heroku ecosystem. Using Heroku allowed me to deploy the app quickly, without having to worry about infrastructure, DevOps, scalability when the app gets popular, etc. The “Integrating Twilio Into My SaaS Solution In Heroku” publication provided an example of how easy it is to create a Twilio instance and integrate the solution into my Fitness-based SaaS solution. …

Continuing my personal journey into learning more about Dgraph Slash GraphQL, I wanted to create a graph visualization of data stored in a graph database. Graph visualization (or link analysis) presents data as a network of entities that are classified as nodes and links. To illustrate, consider this very simple network diagram:

The year was 2015 and my feature team was forced to learn Salesforce. I know that sounds extreme, but that was the reality for the six core members of our team who were required to adopt the force.com platform as a part of a corporate objective.

Other than an introductory session from Salesforce during the 2008 Gartner Application Architecture and Design conference, I really had no depth of knowledge for a CRM product which promised a “No Software” implementation. However, I did receive a pretty nice T-shirt for attending the session.

A Fast Journey

The goal of the 2015 initiative was two-fold:

  • get…

In my role as a consultant for CleanSlate Technology Group, I am required to enter my time on a periodic basis. Our company currently utilizes the FinancialForce solution within Salesforce for professional services billing. For years, I have found that it is easier to enter my time on a daily basis. This allows me to provide detailed comments on what was accomplished with each time entry. At the start of the month, I work with the service delivery manager and my clients to establish a personal goal. This goal is normally set in total hours for a given month.


John Vester

Information Technology professional with 25+ years expertise in application architecture, design and development. Agile project and team management.

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